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Vibrant Health Imaging & Integrative Care exists to educate, empower, assist, and encourage those who are prepared to be pro-active in their quest for optimal health.


Vibrant Health Imaging and Integrative Care offers an array of therapeutic tools.  We offer assessment, interventional and support services to train and treat those who choose to be pro-active about optimizing and maintaining their health-as well as for those who are encountering current health challenges.
We offer medical thermal imaging services for
breast and full body thermography screenings.
We also offer body therapies which support lymphatic flow, detoxification, and pain-relief -post injury or surgery.
We utilize biofield therapies and mind-body tools and techniques which support each individual in their ability to lower the body’s stress response, restore balance, feel a greater sense of mental, physical and emotional ease, to facilitate positive change, and to promote new ways of coping with the daily challenges of life.  We also proudly offer Heartmath interventions, and heart-rate variability biofeedback to assist you in mastering your own mind-heart-body’s valuable resources.
We also offer nutritional coaching and biometric screening, as well as deliver emotional eating programs, smoking cessation support to individuals and groups who feel ready to make new lifestyle choices.
We offer an array of organic foodstuffs, supplements, and therapeutic-grade essential oils.
We also utilize state-of-the-art biomedical devices to assist you in your health journey.
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