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at 518-376-2896 to schedule an appointment


My AHNA comrades at the American Holistic Nurse's Association 

Pam Popper and the many wonderful presenters at The Wellness Forum

Brian Luke Seaward of Paramount Wellness Institute and Inspiration Unlimited

Ruth Buczynski and all of the wonderful programs at NICABM

The ACCT: American College of Clinical Thermology

My personal thermography mentor Pamela Ryerse, creator of the TIPPS training program & founder of Radiant Health Imaging

IACT: The International Association of Colon Hydrotherapists

ACEP: The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology 

Barbara Stone- Soul Detective

Anana Integre my ThetaHealing® mentor and friend

My friends at HeartMath

Sheva Carr of HeartMastery

Eileen McKusick author and founder of Sound Balancing- a powerful sound healing modfality


My friends from BBSH


Sister Rita Jean DuBrey from the Center for Complementary Therapies     and the Healing Touch Program

Susan Vazal- founder of the Reiki Room

Sai Maa

Friend and mentor Mary Sise


Hillary Gauvreau of Healing Connections

Tim Lowry of Success Without Sacrifice

Dale Perry Superb massage therapist, mentor, friend,  and teacher at the Center for Natural Wellness & co-creator of the  Precision Ice system



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